What is Tridaily

TriDaily is a training resource for new endurance athletes. We customize plans to train you for a 5K, 10k, Sprint Tri, Olympic Tri or a Half Marathon. Your customized training plan is made based on your current level of experience, your goal race and then the amount of time YOU have to train. Give us a "tri", you will be impressed.

The Basics

The Three Tools You Need!

Everyone working on a project needs tools. Building a desk? Simple, you just need some wood, some screws, a hammer, a hand saw, measuring tape and a pencil. Done. Get to work and make it happen.

Do You Want To Be Attached to the Bike?

New cyclists and beginner triathletes have an important decision to make when buying a bike or looking to upgrade: "What type of pedal do I buy?"

Hydration and the Runner

Should you use water or a sports drink for hydration?

Strength Training for Improved Performance

From the time we can walk, we want to run. So the question remains, how does strength training help running?


How many times have you attempted to do something outside of your comfort zone only to stop because it was complicated, not as much fun as you thought it would be or even more importantly too hard?